A victory and a loss for vaccine informed consent rights in colorado

By:  Theresa Wrangham

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Where does your fiber optic cable cover?

Please check out our coverage map.

How can I get 4G LTE? Or Fixed Broadband?

To get 4G LTE You can subscribe to 4G LTE service by purchasing a 4G LTE device and data bundle from one of our retail partners ( here). To get Fixed Broadband You can subscribe to Fiber services through our parterned retailers listed below. (See our Parterns page for contact information). You will be required to provide the location of your site to your preferred retailer so that we can do a site survey and determine the availability and proximity of our Fiber Optic cable to your site. You may also visit 4G Square ( located 4G Square, Grand Pension Plaza, KN 4 Avenue, Kigali) for immediate assistance from our support team. BSC 4Net Africa CB Net Fast Net Zoom Net Smart Broadband Popconn ISCO True Connect G-Max BK TNSP Axiom

How fast is 4G LTE?

The practical download speed can be up to150 Mbps. And the practical upload speed can be up to 50Mbps.

How can I top-up my 4G LTE bundle?

1. Purchase a scratch card 2. Scratch off the silver panel to reveal the PIN number. 3. Open your Internet service provider interface (here). 4. Enter your MSISDN/ 4G LTE number 5. Enter your PIN number and click top-up button

How can I check my 4G LTE bundle balance?

1. Open your Internet service provider interfac (here). 2. Enter your MSISDN/4G LTE number in the balance check box 3. Click on search.

How can I use 4G Internet on my single voice sim card?

You can get 4G LTE service on your voice sim card from Tigo or MTN at their service centers.

How much does 4G LTE/Fixed Broadband cost?

You can find the installation cost & service fees from any of our partnered retailers.


Why am I not able to connect to the Internet (4G LTE)?

  • You may be located outside the service coverage of 4G LTE. View our coverage map.
  • Your device may be overloaded.Try restarting it. Or check how many devices your router/CPE can support.
  • Your device configuration may have been changed or reset. For example: you may have changed your Wi-Fi password or the APN (Access Point Name).
  • The device may not be compatible with 4G LTE frequency (800MHz/band 20).
  • The system may be under scheduled maintenance or experiencing some level of service outage in the area.

Why is the Internet connection slow?

  • You might have finished your data for the day already. Depending on the package you purchased, the interent will slow down once you finish the valid amount of data.
  • Too many users may be accessing the device.
  • You may attempting to access it too far from where 4G LTE device is placed. (In open space, Huawei CPE: 10m, Huawei mobile router: 15m, Franklin mobile router: 10m, Alcatel mobile router: 15m).
  • We may be processing a scheduled maintenance or experiencing some level of service outage in the area. (Contact ktRN support team).
  • You might be in an area where there are many 4G Wi-Fi signals, which may cause Wi-Fi interference.
  • Make sure your simcard is for 4G, not 3G.
If none of the above suggestions helps, please contact your internet servcie provider for support. Additionally, our international channels may be experiencing instability for a brief moment. Our staffs will be doing their best to troubleshoot as they work around the clock to ensure stable connection and speed. Thank you for your patience.