Session 4:  Growing Our Grassroots Advocacy

A continuation of the scientific, medical, legal, ethical and holistic health themes that were explored in the previous three sessions, Session 4 of this conference features speakers discussing issues that inform grassroots vaccine safety and choice advocacy.


From Animal Vaccines, Medical Privacy and Adult Vaccine Mandates to Propaganda, Vaccine Liability Shields and Medical Atrocities. Topics covered in this session include animal vaccines; how to access and interpret information contained in the federal vaccine adverse event reporting system; the threat to medical privacy and informed consent rights posed by electronic health care records and vaccine tracking systems; the expansion of vaccine mandates to include adults; strategies used by mandatory vaccination proponents in state legislatures; COVID-19 vaccines; propaganda and psychological warfare; urban community education and organizing; historical examples of medical atrocities; vaccine product liability shields and the untold story of why and how the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed and then systematically dismantled.

Session 4 ends with a plea by the mother of an adult vaccine injured son for public recognition of the suffering of vaccine injured children and their families, and a brief Close by NVIC’s co-founder and president.